Forcing the Path

So I’ve been missing a day or two of writing. Its a little confusing for me since I have been writing late (its currently 2:03am on a Sunday morning as I write this) and been tagging them in my Habitbull app as the previous day’s work. This is as a result of me pushing myself […]

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Whats After Rock Bottom?

I don’t know. Terrible joke, yes, but its the truth. As it is now, I am at rock bottom, but what else is there to do but plan, and try and stick to the habits I’m trying to develop, because unless I’m going to die tomorrow (I don’t think I am) then I’ll need them […]

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Battered and Loving It

I had a small bit of coincidence this evening, As I lay in bed and listened to my neighbors going to and from the standpipe where they get the small amount of water that the community uses to live daily, I spoke to a friend of mine online, who was explaining how today she was […]

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Sometimes you just have to let it all go and allow, or even better, encourage someone to act in their own self interests. Today I decided to make peace with someone else’s “bad” decision and push them to do it. Simply because anything else would mean unhappiness on their part. It’s not easy, especially when […]

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No News is Good News

Court today, finally took the stand….after almost 6 years…the country’s legal system is in fine form -_-. Also did my 5×5 after I got in. I need to find a solution for the weights on tiles problem. Mrs. Rowe won’t be pleased if I crack any more. Still no movement on any of my projects […]

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Day by Day

I continued my progress today, or what I hope is progress, though it was extremely frustrating and I got nowhere. In other news I spent some hours by my grandmother in the house I grew up in. Memories came flooding back, triggered by the simplest of things. You really can’t ever go back home.. – […]

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The Remedy

There’s a lot to be said for diving off the deep end. Today I went ahead, and pushed on both issues that have been affecting me. Both will expose me, but both still have potential. So I’m trying to exploit them. The only lesson I can see that I’m currently learning is to know what […]

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I’ve been working on 2 business projects for some time now. Both of them require the input and approval of external parties, neither of which have been forthcoming…which, as you can imagine, can be extremely frustrating. So, I’m currently struggling with handling that. I use 2 methods; 1. In the midst of the immediate frustration, […]

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