Standing Still

So I’ve been mad silent, then  went I and accidentally shared a link to here, further ensuring my silence. So the silence has continued, regardless of how crappy it makes my Habitbull stats, or how bad it is for my own habit building. Honestly its hit me like a true domino effect, writing stopped, excuses got […]

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Missed Days

So I missed a few days of writing here, don’t hold it against me, and I want to write more about my Sunday, but its now 3:02am on Monday morning, and common sense is telling me that I need to hit the hay. Ill continue this when I wqake up. Oh, my 5×5 is continuing, […]

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Slow Thursdays

Slower day today, didn’t sleep very well, and woke up at about 12:30pm. I really need to fix the sleeping problem…he wrote at 1:12am. I’m not sure how I’m going to switch back to a regular sleep schedule, but I know I need to. I mean, technically I could just live like this, stay up till […]

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Today’s Wins

So, I did my 5×5 today, still babying myself on the barbell row, only did it at 70lbs today. Writing wise, I knocked out this post for the other blog. Dunno if I like it, but I rarely like my own writing. I might run it by a few people for feedback, its not on pets, […]

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Pound wise

So today I found a farm store in Spainsh Town that sells cat food for $130 per pound. The ungrateful cats have managed to survive again for another who knows how long period, also, one of them seems pregnant…again. I hate them. Anyway, this is important because for the price of a medium size bag […]

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New Discoveries

So, one of my struggles for my whole life has been Procrastination (Capital P). It’s almost an art form when I do it. I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s almost second nature, a true 100 Years War. Whenever I plans task, I almost unconsciously have to factor in the time to be […]

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Cheat Day

Doing a bit of a cheat today. Its Sunday, and I am trying to take it a bit easy, so here’s a story I wrote a week or 2 ago for someone who hasn’t fully learned to appreciate the value of doing your own work. It was an assignment for nursing students to tell a bit […]

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