Standing Still

So I’ve been mad silent, then  went I and accidentally shared a link to here, further ensuring my silence. So the silence has continued, regardless of how crappy it makes my Habitbull stats, or how bad it is for my own habit building. Honestly its hit me like a true domino effect, writing stopped, excuses got a little stronger, then my working out started to falter. Now I find myself pretty much just standing in one place.

Lesson? Fools rush in…

I’ve constantly learned and relearned that one over the years, and I suspect as long as I continue to breathe i’ll continue to have it drilled into my skull. So, the wrong share and now my own growth has faltered. Who do I blame? The usual party. I know better, I should do better. Anyway, that’s it as far as excuses go, for today anyway. I’m allowing myself the luxury of a reminder of how much more insurmountable and difficult all tasks seem until you start them and press on. I started this just with the intention of writing a sentence or 2, its now almost 200 words. Which is better than I expected, but still not good enough. I can finally re-tick that “Writing” notification in Habitbull though, so there’s that.

Thanks the gods for the small mercies we grant our lazy selves.

Anyway, as James Clear says, its key to fall in love with the process, not the outcome. so, let me pump more energy there.

More anon.

– RR

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