Missed Days

So I missed a few days of writing here, don’t hold it against me, and I want to write more about my Sunday, but its now 3:02am on Monday morning, and common sense is telling me that I need to hit the hay. Ill continue this when I wqake up.

Oh, my 5×5 is continuing, and based on the shocked reaction I’ve gotten from people over the weekend on my first foray out in months, its been working. I’ve apparently lost a lot of weight. I guess positive reinforcement is really as good as they claim. I don’t see myself skipping workouts anytime soon. I missed my Saturday workout and made it up through walking etc, but still went in for the weights on Sunday. Its starting to feel good working out like this, but I’m hesitating to say that the habit is fully formed as yet…more anon.

– RR

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