Slow Thursdays

Slower day today, didn’t sleep very well, and woke up at about 12:30pm. I really need to fix the sleeping problem…he wrote at 1:12am. I’m not sure how I’m going to switch back to a regular sleep schedule, but I know I need to. I mean, technically I could just live like this, stay up till late and ensure I get 6-8 hours sleep, no matter when I get it, but I honestly feel like I’ve lost time when I sleep late. Waking up at midday has me feeling like the day has been lost, regardless of me getting the same amount of time in, albeit at a later hour.

Spoke to a SMM today about, she offered to help publicize it. I’m not sure what my reluctance is caused by. I suppose it stems from not wanting to start publicizing, then not follow through with regular posting, but I know that some cliffs can only be beaten by diving off them. I need to make this one of those cliffs.

Ill look into doing it, 2 more articles just need to be put in storage, and I’ll be ready.

Gonna head to bed early. “Early”. Court in a few hours, hopefully my last appearance, or second to last.


– RR

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