Today’s Wins

So, I did my 5×5 today, still babying myself on the barbell row, only did it at 70lbs today. Writing wise, I knocked out this post for the other blog. Dunno if I like it, but I rarely like my own writing. I might run it by a few people for feedback, its not on pets, so I’ve still got that one in the back, and, as always while writing this one, a bout 4 or 5 additional posts came to me. Its funny how that reminds me of the post I linked to on procrastinators. We don’t actually have trouble working once we start, in fact, we’re usually very good, but just getting to the start is the difficult part. I’m trying top ensure I have at least a post a week for everyMickle so Ill map those 5 ideas out and do drafts.

Anyway, its 3am…again, I’m heading to bed, 1 project deliverable due tomorrow (later), if it goes well, I’ll probably write about it here. Here’s hoping I can actually fall asleep soon.


– RR

P.S. Last minute inspiration hit, I knocked out another post on Drinking on A Budget…because I have a crapload of experience there LOL. Cant knock a good flow when it hits! (Shout-out to Wait-but-Why).

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