Pound wise

So today I found a farm store in Spainsh Town that sells cat food for $130 per pound. The ungrateful cats have managed to survive again for another who knows how long period, also, one of them seems pregnant…again. I hate them. Anyway, this is important because for the price of a medium size bag of cat food in the supermarket, I can get 10lbs of cat food from the farm store, which I did. I noticed that the cat food cost an extra $10…and that the grains were shaped like doggy bones..but I gave them the benefit of the doubt (what’s the difference between the 2 anyway?) and the cats didn’t seem to care. This whole experience has made it clear to me that I need to write about caring your pet on a budget on http://www.everymickle.com though so, guess I’m adding that to the roll. I currently am trying to make at least one of my daily writing exercises  for the week a post to that site. Same habit, multiple benefits. Anyway, I’m going to sleep now, or going to try to anyway, because again I’m up late…4am to be precise, and I need sleep, because there’s 5×5. When I wake up.

Bad habits die hard, good ones take forever to form.

– RR

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