New Discoveries

So, one of my struggles for my whole life has been Procrastination (Capital P). It’s almost an art form when I do it. I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s almost second nature, a true 100 Years War. Whenever I plans task, I almost unconsciously have to factor in the time to be procrastinated. However despite knowing that many people procrastinate, I haven’t ever found or heard anyone really describe how it feels to have it. See, many people just say “well you know what you have to do and how important it is so just stop procrastinating and do it…” For someone who suffers from this, trust when I say that that’s akin to telling a depressed person “well you know how bad depression is so just stop”. It’s not quite that simple, it truly is something I almost cannot help.

I, of course, tell no one this. I know enough to know that unless you’re very  familiar with it or quite open-minded then that’s going to almost be immediately discarded by you. So I’ve just suffered on in silence, not being able to share this with anyone. I’ve tried before, I remember the distinct look on her face when she realized exactly  what I was saying, and the immediate rubbishing of it. One doesn’t get burnt twice deliberately…

Anyway, fast forward to a few days ago when I stumbled across a link which dropped me on this blog, which has easily vaulted itself into my top 3 personally influential blogs (The other 2 being James and Leo). The article I came across was entitled “Why I’m Always Late“. It blew my mind…by linking to an earlier article that described my Procrastination (Capital P) in terms that got it all down almost perfectly. I particularly like the graphical layout of the ideas and the fact that the writer is an admitted sufferer also which lends verisimilitude to the whole thing (I paused writing this about 3 times, once to listen to a convo I wasn’t a part of, once to finish my Clash of Clans Clan War and once to chat in my group chat, each pause was about an hour each time). What’s especially good is the fact that he doesn’t come across as whiny or even making excuses for the problem, he’s just defining it in clear (hilarious) terms and offering sensible sufferer-oriented solutions.

I mentioned the graphics before, here’s a nice overview, as drawn by him, of the process of any task that a Procrastinator (Capital P) goes through.

Believe me, this is filled with truth, and his solution is worth it’s weight in gold.

Go check it out, it’s worth every second reading all 3 articles (Lateness and both parts of Procrastination).

Here’s hoping it helps you, if you’re a true procrastinator.


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