Forcing the Path

So I’ve been missing a day or two of writing. Its a little confusing for me since I have been writing late (its currently 2:03am on a Sunday morning as I write this) and been tagging them in my Habitbull app as the previous day’s work. This is as a result of me pushing myself at a late hour to not go to sleep without having completed my 2 daily tasks (Exercise and Writing).  The exercise I’ve been a lot more serious about, partially because my head has been a bit topsy turvy over the past few days, and it really helps, it forces focus, while writing requires me to focus. Anyway, I think I’ve missed a day or 2 of writing so Im making up for it now.

I think I can improve this by tightening up my schedule. Currently I tell myself to just exercise whenever, as long as I get it done during that day, this is good, but not good enough. I think I’ll benefit from putting both acts down to a set time. I like to think I’m a night owl and not a morning person, but my experiences have taught me that I do well at both but starting my days early and with exercise, does feel better for me, both mentally and physically. In light of this I’m going to aim to exercise each day between 6am and 7am. If, for whatever reason I don,t make this time, then it should happen within a half hour of me waking up.

Writing should happen between 1pm and 5pm. Thats a wide berth but considering that I want to write for here and I’m giving myself time and including research time etc. (I feel I may have to tighten this time up also in future)

If for whatever reason these 2 times aren’t met, then the basic rule applies; Do not go to sleep without finishing both.

That’s today’s entry and my current change. See you tomorrow.

– RR

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