Cheat Day

Doing a bit of a cheat today. Its Sunday, and I am trying to take it a bit easy, so here’s a story I wrote a week or 2 ago for someone who hasn’t fully learned to appreciate the value of doing your own work. It was an assignment for nursing students to tell a bit about their lives. It seems me telling about my love and appreciation for raising my daughter and how much of an impact that has had on me as a mother -_-.



Having existed a number of years already, one can imagine that I would have accomplished a few things I am particularly pleased about. All things taken into account however, the best thing I have ever done is to have successfully mothered a child. I say ‘mothered a child’, instead of giving birth because it involved far more than having a child. It denotes a process, with an intent, an objective. I consider successfully mothering a child as the best thing I have done because, it is the most rewarding. Trying to inculcate proper values and morals in an era when children were constantly exposed to those who had none through song lyrics and movies that along with the ever changing personality of teenagers in their search of their identity. To have that child become a responsible and contributing member of society by inculcating proper values and morals is truly an achievement. It took patience, consistency and love, more love than I ever imagined I possessed.

The very act of raising my daughter has caused me to have to be a better person myself, to serve, through my actions as a sort of moral tour guide, a signpost she can refer to unconsciously as the reference for good. Believe me when I say, that there is no greater joy than to hear her, though now grown, say that when facing a mental decision, the first thing to come to her mind is, “What would Mommy want me to do?” This feels to me, like a true accomplishment, a vindication of all my effort. Don’t be fooled however, the relationship is certainly not one-sided. Her own accomplishments have spurred me, to continue to want better for myself, which has lead me to pursue this programme, in order to continue my own journey of self improvement. All in all, believe me when I say, mothering my child, has been my best decision to date, one that continues to pay dividends.

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