Whats After Rock Bottom?

I don’t know.

Terrible joke, yes, but its the truth. As it is now, I am at rock bottom, but what else is there to do but plan, and try and stick to the habits I’m trying to develop, because unless I’m going to die tomorrow (I don’t think I am) then I’ll need them regardless.

Met with a developer today. Set up a rough timeline. Id like to say I’m feeling good about this, but I’m not feeling much anymore. The dev seems good. We’ll see. Its not the dev, its everything else.

5×5 continues; my squat weight is now up to 100lbs, overhead press is at 50, with less shoulder niggles, deadlift is at 110lbs. I still fret about my form, but not as much, except for the barbell rows, those I struggle with at 100lbs. I’m going to follow advice I’ve been given and drop the weight down to 50lbs and work on form there.

Today I saw a post about the Project Semicolon. Its the first time in my life I have seriously considered getting a tattoo. Maybe I will, we’ll see.

– RR

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