Sometimes you just have to let it all go and allow, or even better, encourage someone to act in their own self interests. Today I decided to make peace with someone else’s “bad” decision and push them to do it. Simply because anything else would mean unhappiness on their part. It’s not easy, especially when it will affect you, In this case, it was my family, I am learning to futility and ultimate ineffectiveness of forcing someone to make a choice that goes against their own soul.

The hippie types preach acceptance of the decisions of others. I agree.

It’s harder for me since this may all end back up on my shoulders, but so be it.

In other news, I’m up to 135lbs on my deadlift, I did my 5×5 today and tomorrow it’ll be at least 30 minutes of activity, which is my new minimum standard on off days, so that’s all good. Tonight I’ll have cup noodles and lonely for dinner.



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