The Remedy

There’s a lot to be said for diving off the deep end. Today I went ahead, and pushed on both issues that have been affecting me. Both will expose me, but both still have potential. So I’m trying to exploit them. The only lesson I can see that I’m currently learning is to know what fights are worth fighting and when to “give in”. In other, less cryptic news, I see the importance of sticking to habits that you’re attempting to form. Whenever I miss a workout, as I did yesterday, and I also didn’t write, I slowly entrench mentally that it is ok to skip days. Do enough of that and the skipping becomes the habit. With that in mind I went thru my 5×5 session today, edited my Habitbull app entry to have daily exercise (instead of every other day) and found a light cardio exercise I can do indoors. The idea is to skip NO days. Habitbull is perfectly capable of tracking alternate day habits, but I think daily practice on anything forms a habit quicker.
We shall see.


– RR

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