Missed Days

So I missed a few days of writing here, don’t hold it against me, and I want to write more about my Sunday, but its now 3:02am on Monday morning, and common sense is telling me that I need to hit the hay. Ill continue this when I wqake up. Oh, my 5×5 is continuing, […]

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Slow Thursdays

Slower day today, didn’t sleep very well, and woke up at about 12:30pm. I really need to fix the sleeping problem…he wrote at 1:12am. I’m not sure how I’m going to switch back to a regular sleep schedule, but I know I need to. I mean, technically I could just live like this, stay up till […]

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Today’s Wins

So, I did my 5×5 today, still babying myself on the barbell row, only did it at 70lbs today. Writing wise, I knocked out this post for the other blog. Dunno if I like it, but I rarely like my own writing. I might run it by a few people for feedback, its not on pets, […]

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Pound wise

So today I found a farm store in Spainsh Town that sells cat food for $130 per pound. The ungrateful cats have managed to survive again for another who knows how long period, also, one of them seems pregnant…again. I hate them. Anyway, this is important because for the price of a medium size bag […]

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New Discoveries

So, one of my struggles for my whole life has been Procrastination (Capital P). It’s almost an art form when I do it. I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s almost second nature, a true 100 Years War. Whenever I plans task, I almost unconsciously have to factor in the time to be […]

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