I’ve been working on 2 business projects for some time now. Both of them require the input and approval of external parties, neither of which have been forthcoming…which, as you can imagine, can be extremely frustrating. So, I’m currently struggling with handling that. I use 2 methods;

1. In the midst of the immediate frustration, I manage my breathing and force calmness (breathing techniques like these help)

2. Post immediate frustration, I crumble….this is the section that needs work.

Simply put, once I’m stressed, I can handle it fine, I actually think I manage immediate crises very well. Post crisis however, I dont do very well. On my own, its like the frustrations transform into mountains. I dont know how to handle that, and whats worse, i have to handle it alone.

Of course, the best remedy for frustration is avoidance, the second best is a solution. I believe I may have a solution for both, but toes will get stepped on and success is not a guarantee. in fact the toe stepping bit might cause success to not be a factor…anyway, we’ll see what pans out. I’m now at my limit, and I think I may qualify for a prize for writing the most vague post ever…

Anyway, later.

– RR

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