On Focus

Recently I’ve been struggling majorly with focus. Its a problem I’ve had for years but now that I’m on my own, its hit me hardest. I know all the tricks, Pomodoro (which works), lists, distraction removal, etc etc. Yet I struggle nonetheless. Even now as I write this I have 10 tabs open, my phone beside me, music playing and a head buzzing with thoughts. This demon has also linked up with my emotional flux. I don’t know how to lick either of those 2. So im trying everything. For example, right now I’m just forcing myself to write, write anything, even the silliest thoughts that pop into my head or just plainly describing what I’m doing now, then you see where the red herring disease rears its ugly head. Currently its typos, the suddenly all have to be fixed immediately. I am now trying to avoid that by staring at the keyboard instead of the screen. The typos will get fixed when they get fixed.

My new strategy is to develop habits, micro habits, to be building blocks, so currently, it’s daily writing. It doesn’t have to be good. It doesn’t have to be around my personal project. It just has to be written, once I’ve developed that habit, I can build on it. Its a helluva struggle, so currently, I’m fighting it, and the current boss to beat, is Focus.

Here’s hoping I do…

More anon.

– RR

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