I’ve been working on 2 business projects for some time now. Both of them require the input and approval of external parties, neither of which have been forthcoming…which, as you can imagine, can be extremely frustrating. So, I’m currently struggling with handling that. I use 2 methods; 1. In the midst of the immediate frustration, […]

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A Bit More on Focus

So, I’ve continued my journey on focus. I’ve started using a tool called Habitbull to track my progress. It uses the “don’t break the chain” method, where you get a nice calendar with a notation for each day that you carried out your habit. The longer the chain gets, the more your don’t want to break it. I’m […]

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On Focus

Recently I’ve been struggling majorly with focus. Its a problem I’ve had for years but now that I’m on my own, its hit me hardest. I know all the tricks, Pomodoro (which works), lists, distraction removal, etc etc. Yet I struggle nonetheless. Even now as I write this I have 10 tabs open, my phone beside […]

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